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Yahoo! is a great place to find questions that need answered. Here are a few concerning faith and spirituality that our staff took time to provide answers for.

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How does God choose which prayers to say yes to? And does god ever pray to someone?

I think the Divine, if it was within the limits of power, would say yes to everything. But, there are some things we really don't need even if we think it would help us. A pastor once told me, God has a few answers for prayer:

1. Yes
2. No
3. Maybe
4. Not now/When the time is right.

As far as the yes, I'll stick to, if it will help us, then the answer will be yes.

Does God ever pray to someone? Well, when you have two others to talk to, I don't think you need prayer. It's a group decision.

If God is omnipotent, all-compassionate and all loving, why does he allow wars and hatred?

Parents allow their children to have their spats over trivial things only intervening when things get too intense. Parents allow these incidents to occur to teach the children, among other things, that they will not always be around to pull them out of bad situations and the children have to learn to fend for themselves. And in this, parents are not being dispassionate, but nurturing. God allows the inhabitants of this world to have War and Hate so that they will learn from and outgrow these childish behaviors.

So far, we haven't done so, but we still have time.

Please tell me, is there such thing as a witch?

Witches do exist in to today's world, but not in the fantastical ways that are depicted in classical literature. Today's witch, more oft than not, is trying to seek a closer path to the Divine than can be found in organized religion by turning back to the primitive respect for nature found in neo-paganism.

What's the difference between worshiping and "being a fan of something"?

Worshiping something is when you let that object become the center of your universe and you can't function without daily thought of it. Whereas, being a friend reflects that you really enjoy something without letting it take over your world.

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