Are You Happy? If Not, Why Not?

Abraham Lincoln once said words to the effect that a person was as happy as that person wished to be. There is much truth in that statement.

Our mental attitude has everything to do with our outlook on life. There are few things in life over which we have any real control, however we have absolute control over our mental attitude.

Supreme happiness You don't believe this? The evidence is all around you if you will but see it. How many people do you know or have heard of that are blind, partially or totally paralyzed, horribly scarred from an accident, missing limbs, or have suffered any of a hundred other mishaps?

Some of these are among the happiest people on earth. Is their happiness due to the misfortune that has befallen them? I think not. It is my belief they have chosen to be happy regardless of their circumstances.

You will find others who are always unhappy no matter how healthy and wealthy they may be. This is because they have chosen to be unhappy.

My advice is to be happy with everything you are and have, and you will attract more good and happiness to you. What your circumstances may be simply does not matter. Be grateful for what you have and you will always be happy.

Post Author: Baedon