I have been spending way too much time on the internet lately. The reason is because I have once again glommed on to one my pattern obsessions where I see a pattern happening that usually spirals into the rabbit hole and eventually bring us closer to the abyss.

Clyde Lewis, host of Ground Zero

Those devoted fans who listen to my show know I see patterns in stories and in news items that meet up halfway with my knowledge of history. When I see them combine, I make a hypothesis those winds up approximating and event in the future.

As history unfolds it becomes quite clear that how we interpret it is based on quick glances at a newspaper, a magazine or new program owned and operated by companies that have a controlling political interest in what is being reported.

Outrageous sums of money are being used to fund organized chaos in order to push public opinion towards demanding a highly-efficient if not barbaric force capable of eliminating dissent and culling those who do not agree with the social downturn and despotism.

What we see now is a highly-controlled propaganda machine that is now going to fragment any questioning activity or report. What we will see in future are active agents from within secret intelligence cabals that will create a desired chaos to harden the resolve of those who wish to support the police state.



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