SF Spiritualism: Babylon 5

If I take a lamp and shine it toward the wall, a bright spot will appear on the wall. The lamp is our search for truth, for understanding. Too often, we assume that the light on the wall is God, but the light is not the goal of the search, it is the result of […]

Jesus’ Teachings On Women

What were #Jesus’ views on #women? The Bible certainly doesn’t say… not since the Church censors got through with it. But if you read between the lines, you get a hint of his respect for women. In many of Jesus’ illustrations, women are presented as positive role models of faith, which men should follow. For example: […]

Pope Right: Hell Not Forever, Incompatible with a Loving God

Pope Francis has sparked another debate with controversial remarks at the Third Vatican Council. He says, the concept of #hell where people burn eternally cannot be #Christian–it goes against the concept of a loving and compassionate God. That idea is being challenged by other Bible scholars, not just the pope. When God told Adam that […]

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