Chicago Police Department Faces Lawsuit Over Stop And Frisk

In the wake of a study by the ACLU showing that Chicago police stop and frisk more people, particularly African American men, than any other city, six men have filed suit against the department.

Aaron Cynic writes at Chicagoist:

Six African American men from the South and West sides have filed a lawsuit against the Chicago Police Department over its “stop and frisk” procedures. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of the men by the law firm Romanucci & Blandi against the City, Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy and 14 unnamed officers, alleges CPD’s practices have violated their Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights and calls for a class-wide judgement declaring it unconstitutional. The firm is also calling for others who believe their rights have been violated to come forward. - See more at: disinformation.

Photo by ADJR Photos (ChicagoFD1996)

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