Concentration Camps in the United States

English: Cameron, LA, 11-10-05 -- FEMA Base ca...
English: Cameron, LA, 11-10-05 -- FEMA Base camp workers sleep in these tents. FEMA Base Camps are used when there are no other resources to house FEMA & emergency workers... in this case the nearest lodging, if you can find a room, is 70 miles away on rural roads. MARVIN NAUMAN/FEMA photo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A new article has been added to the Black Door Archives dealing with the idea of concentration camps for US Citizens. This is not a new article, it is actually from the 1990's. So, the whole idea is not new. If you wish to check it out, head on over to the Black Door Archives. Some say that this is exactly what could happen. But, they have been saying it for years.

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