Finding Joy..

Today I heard Carol Burnett talking about the last days with her deceased daughter Carrie Hamilton, and how her daughter was able to experienced joy every day before she passed away.
 I thought a lot about that statement..'Finding Joy Every Day'.. And I realized that I didn't, not daily, in fact I can't remember when the last time I experienced any Joy.. sad to say. 
   Has my life been so rushed, or bad lately that I have no joy? It sure seems like it. And just like so many people out there I have a hell of a lot of stuff in my life to deal with. So Today I decided that I did need Joy in my life. Now just how the heck do I accomplish this?
  Thinking about it  as I was driving down the freeway on one of my many jaunts to the city, looked around at the beautiful landscape, at the clouds, and sunshine, birds flying  and flowers.
The Columbia Gorge is awesome this time of year.. And you know what, I felt a twinge of joy, sure it wasn't the rainbows, butterflies and unicorns, kind of joy, but there was something.    It's a start....and that's better than nothing.
   So, my personal goal is to try to find some wee bits and pieces of joy on a daily basis, and not feel so rushed that I can't stop, feel and see whats right there in front of me everyday.
I know,  for a lot of people that know me, I'm one of those "always up and happy people", but that's not the way I perceive myself,  I see myself like most people do, I am always lacking, always needing to improve, never quite up to snuff,  just missing the wave, or simply striving to always be a better person, and falling a wee bit short.  So taking a cue from Carrie I will see and feel joy daily. For my self. For all of you who mean so much to me, how can I not? You deserve and do I,  JOY.

                                         Carol Burnett and  her daughter Carrie Hamilton 
                          In January 2002, Carrie died of lung and brain cancer at the age of 38.

Post Author: Baedon