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It may be possible to detect Autism with a blood test

A news study shows that it may one day be possible to detect [yadawiki link="Autism Spectrum Disorder" show="Autism"] with a blood test. Shaun Heasley tells how researchers may have discovered unique identifiers in blood that signal Autism may be present in the subject.

Autism May Be Detectable In Blood
Arkansas Children's Hospital
Arkansas Children's Hospital (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The study involved blood samples collected from 83 children with autism and 76 neurotypical children ages 3 to 10 at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Rather than examining one particular gene or a single biomarker, researchers used big data techniques to take a broader look in order to find statistically significant patterns.

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This could be a major breakthrough in detecting Autism earlier in children. Time will tell if this will be effective. What is your opinion? Share it below in the comments.

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