It’s okay to be weird.

A friend of mine on Facebook posted this.....

[She is feeling] a bit heartbroken when her kiddo is explaining that someone at school keeps saying he's weird... not really so much because someone is saying that... but because she maybe hasn't instilled in him yet, enough of the joy and the gift of being weird.

Weirdos live outside the box, they create, they invent, they discover... no one who dwells solely in their tidy pigeonhole will ever get to revel in the wonders and the freedoms of reaching beyond it. Yes, my child, you ARE weird. Brilliantly, beautifully, singularly weird. I'm weird too, and I love and treasure every weird little molecule of you and your weirdness. Never stop being weird; never stop having big feelings and big ideas and a big heart. Never ever let someone clip those wings that will let you soar. Never stop dreaming and doing. Be weird.

The world will tell you that you don't fit in, and of course, it will be right, but why on earth would you want to? There will only ever be one marvelous you. It would be far weirder to try to be someone else.

Written by: Holly Gage-Hennecke

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