My life, My Opinions.

Today I had some one send me a private message in Facebook suggesting I should just shut up and quit being a "bitch know- it- all", I should stop spreading my "F' ed up opinions, and shoving my Ann Landeresq crap down other people throats..
Interesting enough I have known this person for over 30 years.. I have, on many occasions been sought out by this person seeking compassion and support and comfort, sharing long night "fix it all" gab sessions.
LOL they should have known that I like talking about my life observations, knowing me for so long. But coming from some one I respect, I feel I must answer, so here it is.

 I have for well over 50 years, seen funny things, scary things, and important (at least to me) things I like to share.  I can't help being a wise person its just simply my nature. Being a person who, through life's journeys have experienced more than my share,  and in doing so learned many of life's lessons, I have learned to be wise.. I am often sought out by people for compassionate support and comfort.
 If those things are "landeresq" more power to it.
None of my observations, opinions, and humor is or was meant to dictate anything, or to force anyone to change who or what they are. Merely offer you a new thought, idea, or way of seeing something different. 
If in reading words I have written, spoken, or shared, you have an epiphany. Or it gives you courage or information to help you in your life,  that was the point. We learn by sharing.
   Being compassionate is simply who I am. I genuinely care and love people.
I feel deep connections to the people I love, I am not worried about superficial things like hair color, financial things, or location, I care who you are. What you feel, and what you need.
You are everything you are and should be loved and respected for your beliefs, who you love, who you have become in your lives. For me,  everything you are is loved by me.
I deeply love those of you I am close to, time and location does not matter, I loved you deeply then and I do now. To me, you are the most beautiful person/people I have ever known.
I admire your talents, courage to live your lives as you have. I am proud of all of you, and feel privileged to have been part of your lives, then and now.
  I am Maternal. Deal with it. 
That's right I mother everyone, That too is simply who I am. And as a motherly person I am aware of your needs, and will with out provocation put my arms around you and hug you, reminding you, you are a person of worth, truly loved and wanted.. I will always know when you are in need of love. I always know when you need help, reassurance, and even a stern word or two. Call it psychic or mothers intuition. Deal with it.

And as for You,  my old friend,  NO, I will not stop being a Wise Woman, giving motherly advice, showing compassion and sharing my life knowledge for I can not change who I am. Nor should I.
Instead, I will love you for who you are, for your rather abrupt opinions, and yes, to me they have value.
And also for your need to be loved unconditionally. I will love you always.


Post Author: Baedon