Omnism: The New Spiritual Belief

You've probably heard of a lot of other "isms" when it comes to beliefs. There's agnosticism (not sure if there is a God), (belief in one or more Gods), monotheism (one God), gods photopolytheism (many gods), deism (belief that there is a God, but he's not personally involved), and even atheism (belief in no God). Get ready to add a new ism to your vocabulary: .
It's actually not new; the term was coined back in 1839 by Philip J. Bailey in his poem "Festus." But in the new millennium, the time seems to be ripe for the concept to catch on. - Omnism-- the New Spiritual Belief

This is actually a good article covering what Omnism is and how many who hold this philosophy interpret all spiritual paths.

Post Author: Baedon