Other People’s Opinions

How much of our lives is wasted by other people's opinions? I say much more than should be.

Those opinions ventured by successful people and those who are knowledgeable in their areas of expertise should be given careful consideration. These opinions are normally only given when we have asked for them, and then only after careful consideration.

These are the types of opinions which can help us grow, change, and be successful in reaching our goals in life.

Then there are the *other* opinions. These are opinions given by the majority of humanity. They are usually unrequested and unwelcome. They do nothing to build us up and everything to tear us down and hold us at the level of the opinion giver.

It is a sad fact of the human dilemma that most people have no dreams or aspirations. They are made uncomfortable by those who do. In order to maintain their status, those wishing to stay exactly as they are strive to keep others the same. They will do all in their power to keep others from getting ahead.

This is something like the crab in a bucket story. Put one crab in a bucket and it will climb out. Put two or more crabs in a bucket and none will get out. Why? Because as each climbs to get out of the bucket, the others will pull it back into the bucket. And this goes on in an endless cycle.

This is not normally a conscious action on people's part. They do it without realizing what they are doing. And there will be many times when they feel they are doing it in your best interests. This applies especially to those nearest and dearest to us. If they only knew!

By and large, the opinions of other people will not pay our bills, put food on our tables, give us shelter or any other number of things. They inherently keep us from achieving our goals and dreams, and in some cases even stop us from setting goals and dreaming.

And...once you stop setting goals and dreaming you are among the walking dead. You become nothing more than a robot or zombie, doing that for which you have been programmed.

In view of what has been said here, choose to listen to people whose opinions will be of value to you. Learn to ignore those who, even though meaning well, provide opinions intended to keep you stagnant.

Seek out those who are successful and ask for their help and opinions. Successful people are almost always willing to help those who are sincerely striving to attain their goals and dreams.

In all things great and small follow your own heart and you cannot go wrong!

Post Author: Baedon