Russia Makes March Go out like a Lion

On Friday (30 APR 2018), Russia's Ministry of Defense released footage showing the test firing of the SR-28 Nuclear War photo missile, showing off their handiwork in the new Cold War. Also known as the "Satan 2" missile, it is capable of delivering its payload to the opposite side of the world via either the South or North Pole. This shows that Putin is serious about a new arms race.

As a child, I grew up with the threat of nuclear war as a very real and possible outcome of the posturing between the United States and Soviet Union. When the Berlin Wall came down, the death nail in the Soviet coffin, the threat of mutually assured destruction slowly disappeared into the background of global politics. For the most. part, we thought the threat was over and we could move onto more important global concerns. Alas, in the past year it seems things are heading in that direction again.

Earlier in the year, people were thinking that the threat of global annihilation would come out of North Korea and President Trump seemed to be antagonizing Kim Jong-un on twitter. Then again, Pyongyang has a long history of sabre rattling' therefore were not considered to much of a real threat.

The big difference between the two threats is that Russia's weapon could actually do the job. But we can't ignore that Russia does have a good relationship with North Korea and could help them develop something that could reach North America.

It looks like another generation will learn to fear the concept of nuclear war. Something that I had hoped was gone forever. What does the future hold? Will we be in for another long Cold War or is this just more sabre rattling from a country that misses its old place in the world?

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