Should you be reading the best-selling books?

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Why you should avoid best-selling books - The Week

Well, last year I made reading a priority and ended up reading 161 books cover-to-cover.

What I learned most from my year of reading surprised me because it wasn't found in any particular bit of knowledge in any of the books I read. The big lesson was a simple heuristic: Avoid most best-selling books. These books are not fertile ground for learning and acquiring knowledge.

You know you want to read. You know you should read. But often, you have no idea what to read.
If you read what everyone else is reading, it's going to feel good.

If you read the best-sellers, by definition, you're reading what everyone else reads. And if you read what everyone else reads, odds are you're going to start to think like everyone else.

Another big problem: A lot of the books on the bestseller list expire quickly. They have a half-life. Spending your time learning this stuff is stepping on the Red Queen treadmill. You'll have to spend more and more of your time and effort just to stay in the same place.

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