The Fall of Palmyra

Can One of the World's Most Important Archaeological Sites be Saved?

[tx_calltoact]ISIS Continues it's war on the past, can these brigands be stopped?[/tx_calltoact]by FRANKLIN LAMB

The ancient city of (Tadmur) has been in existence for 30 centuries and is one of the world’s most cherished archeological and cultural heritage sites.  Will it cease to exist within the next 30 days?

Palmyra photoAccording to Da’ish (also known as ISIS, Islamic State or IS), the answer is yes and they will see to it. The destruction of these ancient pre-Islamic pagan idols, which they see as akin to devil-worship, is a religious obligation in their jaded view.

According to some Syrian government officials, as well as Irina Bolova, ’s Director of World Heritage Sites List (Palmyra has been on this list since 2013), the answer is also yes – unless. She means that unless the UN takes immediate action under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter and acts now, with force if necessary (and it is), to save Palmyra.

“The situation is very bad,’ Syria’s antiquities chief Dr. Mamoun Abdel-Karim told reporters yesterday. ’If only five members of IS go into the ancient buildings, they’ll destroy everything. Our fear is also for the museum and the large monuments that cannot be moved.” Dr. Abdel-Karim is calling on the US-led military coalition against IS to prevent the group destroying the ancient site. “This is the entire world’s battle!” he exclaimed.

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Franklin Lamb is a visiting Professor of International Law at the Faculty of Law, Damascus University and volunteers with the Sabra-Shatila Scholarship Program (

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