The ASD Puzzle

The Spectrum Buzz for 10 March 2017

Many children with Autism are seem to explore their world differently than their non-autistic piers. The following article looks into this.

Autism and the Drive to Explain and Explore

A new study looks at whether kids diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder and those without differ in how they explore and seek explanations in physical and social domains. Tania Lombrozo explains.

As with all children, we should encourage exploration and explanation of the world around them. Parents of ASD children are in for a real treat with this behavior, just have patience.

More genetic level studies are being done to try and discover the keys to the Autism puzzle.

Mapping Of Genomes Leads To Breakthrough Study On Disorder
Gene Sequence
A computer screen displays a genetic sequence in Baltimore, September 3, 2009.

A new study on Autism released Tuesday reveals 18 new candidate genes.
The study, published in Nature Neuroscience, was the largest study of whole genomes ever done. More than 5,000 people were studied who either had autism or had a child or sibling that did. In other words, the researchers looked at the genes of people who are in families with autism spectrum disorder, according to the study.

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With every new study, we get closer to solving the puzzle. We need to encourage scientists to explore every avenue in the search as well as have our children on the Spectrum take part when feasible.

You need to see this!

This man is an insperation

This gentleman is an inspiration to all on the Spectrum and their parents. Sure, not everyone with ASD will be able to accomplish this, but it is great to see that there is potential for those that are higher functioning.

I'm sure every parent with a child on the Spectrum has heard all of these at some time. What is great is that the article offers those unfamiliar with our challenges alternative statements to use.

Things Not to Say to Parents of Children with Autism
Autism Road Sign

Autism CC BY-SA 3.0 NY| Road sign with the word Autism written in white on a green background set against the sky.

Autism and picky eating usually go hand-in-hand, but it's caused by much more than a parent simply not making a child eat certain foods. A clinical study focused on sensory processing and eating problems in children on the spectrum estimates that about 80 percent of children with developmental difficulties, including autism spectrum disorder (ASD), struggle with selective eating.

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Be sure to share this article with your friends and family. It does well in explaining why these questions are not the greatest to ask us.

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