Two new bills bolster abstinence education

Two bills passed by Congress this month give teens greater access to Sexual Risk Avoidance abstinence education.

Senate approved what's being referred to as the Medicare Overhaul bill, which includes funding for various types of sex education in K-12 schools across the U.S., according to the Washington Times.

The legislation provides $75 million for the Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP), which helps fund the type of "comprehensive" sex education favored by the Obama administration. But it also provides $75 million for the Title V Abstinence Education Program, which funds sex education courses that stress the wisdom of postponed sexual activity.

Abstinence-based sex education has been a tough sell in the nation's capital during the Obama years. Democrats in Congress allowed the program to lapse during the early years of the Obama administration, according to Huber.

This year's Republican takeover of Congress gave abstinence-based sex education a more friendly legislative audience. Obama's approval of the funding increase for Title V doesn't mean he's a sudden convert to the value of abstinence-based instruction, Huber said. She also said she appreciates the new equity in federal funding, even more than the actual increase in dollars for Title V.

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