US Drones Attack Syria’s Military, “Disguised as an Airstrike against ISIS”

On September 11, a publication called Russian Spring reported US attacks on Syrian military positions - "Disguised as an airstrike on ISIS." Syrian journalists learned details of what's happening.

According to Syrian military sources, covert US drone strikes against its forces and positions happened before, part of Washington's phony war on ISIS.

On September 1, the Washington Post headlined "US launches secret drone campaign to hunt leaders in ," saying: CIA and US Joint Special Operations Command operatives "Are flying over Syria" - conducting targeted air strikes.

WaPo lied claiming it's against "Senior Islamic State operatives," citing official US sources.

Maybe Washington has an Islamic State invasion in mind, perhaps aided by US air power.

Previous articles explained Washington uses ISIS terrorists as US proxy foot soldiers.

In September 2014, Sergey Lavrov said if US and other Western forces bomb Syria, "(t)here are reasons to suspect government troops . . . on the quiet to weaken the positions of Bashar Assad's army.

" He commented shortly after Obama announced US plans to allegedly bomb ISIS in Syria - a ruse, part of Washington's plan to oust Assad. On September 13, on Russia's Channel 1 Sunday Times program, Lavrov said "Russia has information that the US knows the position of the IS, but does not bomb them." Its actions don't reflect its publicly stated objective.

"Analyzing, one cannot but suspectulterior motives beyond the stated goal of fighting the Islamic State," said Lavrov.

Lavrov explained Russia will continue fulfilling its contractual obligations to Syria - supplying arms, munitions and training, as well as humanitarian aid.

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