Wikipedia trolls have met there match in this young woman

A young Wikipedia editor withstood a decade of online abuse. Now she’s fighting back — on Wikipedia itself.

The Troll Taunter
She’d been receiving vicious emails for a decade. Sometimes she sought solace by commiserating with friends, or by stomping off to do something else, or occasionally — after the cruelest messages—by lying on her bed and crying. Temple-Wood became a frequent target of abuse merely because she is the rare female Wikipedia editor who has been active on the site for years. She manages to let much of the harassment slide off her. But many women eventually find the bullying to be too much, and leave the site.

Find out how she dealt with the constant abuse here.

The way that Emily Temple-Wood responded to being harassed by Internet trolls is so awesome. This is a long article, but is well worth the read. I salute this woman for her gusto and perseverance.

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